License themes

Paw Patrol

Heroes on four paws: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye are the Paw Patrol puppies. Under the motto “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” the courageous fire brigade, aviation and police dogs save humans and animals from great danger together with their trainer Ryder.

  • Paw Patrol is the No. 1 theme for children from 0-6 years (preschool)
  • TV presence on Super RTL, Netflix and other streaming providers
  • Paw Patrol celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023
  • Paw Patrol on the big screen: Second film release date 5 October 2023


Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The two main characters Marinette and Adrien, who are actually students but transform into two superheroes as soon as danger threatens Paris. Especially important: No one must know about her superhero identity!

  • Miraculous is the license of the year 2021
  • 100 million budget: Cinema film release date 26 May 2023
  • The No. 1 series on Disney Channel
  • Also broadcast on Netflix and Disney+
  • Over 29 million views on YouTube
  • Content secured for the next 5 years

Peppa Pig

It’s hard to imagine preschool children’s everyday lives without the animated series Peppa Pig. With exciting adventures, Peppa accompanies the kids through everyday life as their first best friend – including, of course, at their birthday party.

  • First best friend, understandable everyday experiences, part of daily family life
  • Parents (and grandparents) also like watching because everyday family life is one of the core themes in Peppa and the humour also appeals to adults
  • Over 90% brand awareness among children aged 3-6
  • #2 preschool license
  • Year-round presence on all platforms – TV (SuperRTL), streaming services, digital, audio, print
  • 20th anniversary in 2024

My little Pony

My little Pony has been delighting little girls and boys for 40 years. Since the relaunch in autumn 2021 with the Netflix film “My little Pony: A new generation”, it is hard to imagine children’s rooms without the 5 main characters Sunny, Izzy, Pipp, Zipp and Hitch. My little Pony inspires girls and boys to explore, express themselves and celebrate what makes them unique in the world.

  • The Netflix film “My little Pony: A new generation” was the No. 1 children’s film in 86 countries and the No. 1 film in 20 countries (including Germany) at its launch in September 2021
  • The new “My little Pony: Make your Mark” series has been running successfully on Netflix since September 2022, season 2 of the series is already confirmed for 2023
  • A new episode of the YouTube series “My little Pony: Tell Your Tale” every week
  • Year-round presence on Netflix, digital, audio, print, scheduled free TV broadcasts on SuperRTL
  • 40th anniversary in 2023


“More than meets the eye” is the brand essence of transformers. In the now over 35-year history of the franchise with six feature films (the seventh blockbuster will be released on 8 June 2023) and numerous series hits, the main characters Optimus Prime and Bumblebee have become timeless classic heroes among fans of all ages.

  • >90% brand awareness
  • Multigenerational brand -> 76% children and adults share being a fan as a family
  • New Transformers Earthspark kids series since November 2022 on Nickelodeon and Paramount+
  • New “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” blockbuster film release date 8 June 2023

PJ Masks

Connor, Amaya and Greg are normal kids by day, but by night they transform into the PJ Masks pyjama heroes Catboy, Gecko and Eulette to save the world from the bad guys. Since its launch in 2015, the brand has become a global hit, inspiring preschoolers around the world to be heroes in their pyjamas. From 2023, the new PJ Masks Power Heroes series will add even more extraordinary heroes who experience adventures together in exciting new worlds.

  • Top 4 preschool brand in Germany
  • Year-round presence on TV (Disney Channel), streaming services (Disney+, Netflix), digital
  • New PJ Masks Power Heroes series from Q1 2023
  • Additional characters and worlds for even more diversity


Who doesn't know them, the No. 1 blaster brand. Whether young or old, Nerf stands for active play and fun. Global brand ambassadors, avowed fans put a face to the brand, whether athletes, entertainers or influencers, Go Team Nerf.

  • 95% brand awareness and available in over 120 countries
  • Year-round presence across owned social media channels (YouTube, Instagram and TikTok) as well as TV advertising and influencer activity 
  • First NERF Arena opened in Singapore, more planned in Europe and USA 
  • High-profile fashion collabs with Reebok, Champion, Hype, Fortnite.
  • 2.4 million German Facebook fans, 545,000 YouTube subscribers, 99.7% fan-generated content

Wizarding World Harry Potter

Harry, Hermione and Ron: the wizarding world around Hogwarts is still an experience for all ages. After the first Harry Potter novel by author J. K. Rowling was published in 1997, it was followed not just by 6 more books, but also 8 cinema films. The prequel to the Harry Potter film series “Fantastic Beasts” is also becoming increasingly popular. Fans can look forward to five films from this series.

  • Large target group from children to their parents
  • Over 500 million books sold in more than 80 languages
  • Regular worldwide TV broadcasts
  • The Harry Potter saga opened in cinemas in 2001
  • 8 blockbuster cinema films
  • Fantastic Beasts 3 – Dumbledore’s Secrets: Film released 7 April 2022

Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales and many more characters make the Looney Tunes animated series a real crowd pleaser. It has been hard to imagine a children’s room or living room without these popular figures since 1930, when they were still in black and white. More than 90 years later, the Warner Brothers animated series still captures fans hearts.

  • Looney Tunes: the brand for friendship, humour & entertainment
  • Timeless animated entertainment classic
  • Regularly broadcast on Super RTL
  • Popular in every age group
  • Cult: the opening credits with the red circles


A dark figure that strongly resembles a bat: Batman His innovative technologies, arsenal of inventions, incredible strength and brilliant mind make him a true superhero – and a worthy opponent against the Joker. The comic book character Batman, Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, has been one of the audience favourites from the DC Comics universe since 1939.

  • Global awareness 98%
  • Over 6 million action figures sold annually
  • Target group primarily boys from 3 years of age and men
  • Already filmed 12 times
  • “The Batman” film released 3 March 2022


Flying, jumping, being strong and fast, almost invincible, X-ray vision: that’s Superman. The superhero, who is also considered the moral compass in the DC universe, has been part of our entertainment since his first appearance in 1938. Incidentally, the man of steel is known in his alter ego as Clark Kent and is quite clumsy.

  • Global awareness 98% 
  • Target group primarily teens aged from 13; secondary target group children and families
  • 12 films about Superman in cinemas since 1948

Justice League

Justice League united in the fight against evil: The DC heroes Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg combine all their superpowers and fight together for justice in the world.

  • Stronger together: all the DC heroes united in the fight against evil
  • Target group primarily boys aged 4-12; secondary all DC fans
  • First Justice League film released in 2017
  • 2021 release of director Zack Snyder’s new version
  • More films from the Justice League cosmos: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Man of Steel, etc.

Wonder Woman

The first female superhero who has been around since 1942: Wonder Woman. The goddess and warrior always acts on behalf of peace, love and respect for the benefit of all people. Her weapons: the golden “Lasso of Truth”, silver bracelets that deflect bullets and her golden headband that comes back to her like a boomerang.

  • World’s most famous superheroine (88%)
  • Cinema film (2017) grossed over 821 million US dollars
  • Wonder Woman celebrates her 80th anniversary in 2022
  • Target group primarily teenagers and women; secondary DC fans
  • “Wonder Woman 3” cinema film planned for 2023/2024

Benjamin Blümchen

Welcome to Neustadt Zoo with Benjamin Blümchen, the most famous talking elephant. Unmistakable in his blue trousers, red jacket and red cap, Benjamin is always on the lookout for new adventures together with his best human friend Otto. Originally an audio book, it’s hard to imagine any children’s room or TV set without Benjamin Blümchen.

  • Target group: Boys and girls aged 2-6; over 10% all agers
  • 52 TV episodes broadcast in over 20 languages
  • Over 67 million audio plays sold and over 500 licensed products
  • Monthly magazine with the largest reach in the core target group
  • 45th anniversary in 2022

Bibi und Tina

“Das sind Bibi und Tina, Auf Amadeus und Sabrina” – the well-known song by the two friends Bibi and Tina is known to almost everyone in Germany today. Whether as an audio book, an animated series or a real-life film, the two of them experience numerous adventures together with their horses Amadeus and Sabrina on Martinshof farm. Not least because of Bibi’s magic powers as a witch.

  • Over 27 million audio dramas and soundtracks sold
  • Target group: Girls from 5 years; 25% all agers 
  • Four real feature films with 6.6 million cinema-goers
  • Own Amazon Prime series
  • 5th real “Bibi & Tina – Simply Different” cinema film from July 2022

Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi is a young, curious and lively girl – and a witch by the way. Therefore, she particularly enjoys playing practical jokes on other people and using her magic skills for this. Her parents Bernhard and Barbara Blocksberg, who is also a witch, sometimes have a hard time with Bibi.

  • Broadcast daily on ZDF and Junior since 2004
  • Target group: Girls from 4 years; 25% all agers
  • 3rd place in the children’s audio drama category (up to 15 years)
  • Over 52 million audio dramas sold
  • Own “Bibi Blocksberg und die Generation Kassettenkinder” podcast
  • 40th anniversary in 2020


Blue body, white pointed cap and boots? These are the Smurfs. The little cartoon characters, there are almost 100 of them, live in Smurf village and provide amusement for all ages with their stories. The main focus: their adventures in the fight against the villain Gargamel.

  • First appeared in a comic in 1958
  • Name recognition over 95%
  • Popular with all ages
  • 65th anniversary in 2023

Mia and Me

Wings on her back and talking to unicorns, that’s what the main character Mia in the Mia and Me series, which started in 2011, is known for. She lives as an orphan girl in the human world and as an elf girl in the world of “Centopia”. As soon as her bracelet lights up, she can dive into the elf world to fight for peace with her elf friends.

  • Regularly broadcast on KIKA and ZDF, Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Target group: Girls aged 4-9
  • New TV season (Season 4) in 2022
  • “The Secret of Centopia” film in cinemas from 26 May 2022

Maya the Bee

“And this bee I’m talking about is called Maja”. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know the cheeky, clever little Maya the Bee who wreaks havoc in the corn poppy meadow, having great adventures there together with her friends Willi and Flip. By the way, the first publication of the classic appeared as early as 1912!

  • Target group: 3 generations, girls and boys between 3 and 6 years in the core group; secondary: girls and boys between 0 and 2 years
  • Timeless classic brand on TV since 1976: 2 seasons of CGI (130 episodes of 12 minutes each on the ZDF, KiKA and Junior channels) and 2D classic series (104 episodes of 24 minutes each)
  • Cinema release of the 3rd film “Maya the Bee: The Secret Kingdom” on 5 May 2022

Vic the Viking

From the Viking village of Flake into the big wide world: the little boy Vic experiences exciting adventures on the high seas with his father Halfar, the chief of the Vikings, and the crew. Whether they’re threatened by captain Sven or by pirates, the Viking team always sticks together. Hey, hey Vic, full speed ahead!

  • Target group: Children aged 4-7
  • Regularly broadcast on KIKA and ZDF
  • TV presence since 1974
  • 50th anniversary in 2024


Heidi comes to the mountain pasture as a five-year-old orphan girl with her grumpy grandfather, who is just called the Alps Uncle. This is where she is to live and spend her life from now on. Sad and alone at first, she quickly meets the goatherd Peter and from then on experiences exciting adventures with him in the mountains.

  • Target group: Girls aged 4-8
  • Regularly broadcast on KIKA and ZDF, Netflix and Amazon Prime 
  • Filmed in 8 animated films, 5 series and 11 feature films
  • Over 50 million books sold
  • Series translated into over 50 languages
  • 45th anniversary in 2022


  • Barbie is the #1 toy brand in the world and has been delighting girls aged 3-9 for generations
  • Since 1959, Barbie has been dedicated to awakening limitless potential in every girl and, as the #1 doll brand in the world, stands for real social and environmental change
  • Barbie TV series and animated movies delight kids on Super RTL, Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube - Barbie The Movie delights Barbie fans on big screens worldwide this summer
  • Young and old are among her biggest fans, so it's no surprise that Barbie celebrates her 65th birthday in 2024

Monster High

  • Welcome to Monster High!
  • After a huge success between 2010–2014, school starts again this summer at Monster High and the classrooms are filled with vampires, sea monsters, werewolves and more!
  • This scary crew encourages children between 6–10 to be proud of themselves and to accept and love themselves just as you are.
  • The TV series with stories from the scary-suspenseful classrooms is now available on Nicktoons, YouTube or Paramount+ and from SUPER RTL from autumn onwards.

Hot Wheels

  • Hot Wheels is the #1 toy brand worldwide and in Germany. 
  • For 55 years, Hot Wheels has ignited and encouraged the spirit of challenge, combining competition, experimentation and creativity to create exciting challenges that develop the skills and confidence children need to conquer the world.
  • Hot Wheels delights children aged 3 to 10+, as well as teenage and adult fans. 
  • Through the brand's long history of success, Hot Wheels is now a true lifestyle brand, with successful partnerships in toys, action sports and fashion
  • From Q1 2024, there will be an animated Hot Wheels Netflix series for children for the first time, which will give the brand even more emotional charge

Princess Lillifee

Princess Lillifee has become one of the classics among licensed themes. The little flower fairy was created in 2004 by Monika Finsterbusch and has enchanted whole generations of girls ever since.

  • Celebrating her 20th anniversary in 2024
  • One of the most popular licensed themes for girls between 3-7 years of age
  • Over 20 picture books have been published so far, with a new one added every year
  • Over 2 million books sold worldwide, translated into more than 25 languages
  • For 17 years, the widest-reach girls' magazine in Germany


Felix, the travel-loving rabbit and his friend Sophie were brought to life in 1994 by children's author Annette Langen and illustrator Constanza Droop. In the meantime, the rabbit has travelled almost all over the world and brought foreign countries and cultures closer to many children.

  • Celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024
  • High level of awareness among children, parents and grandparents
  • Over 7 million books sold, translated into 29 languages
  • Has been an official ambassador for SOS Children's Villages since 2013
  • Target group: children aged 3-6 years

Capt'n Sharky

With exciting stories between Treasure Island and adventurous pirate life, Capt'n Sharky and his crew have been boarding children's rooms and the hearts of little pirates since 2006. The themes are: Courage, resourcefulness, adventure, friendship - and Capt'n Sharky always fights for the good.

  • Highly recognisable identification figure for boys and girls
  • On the market for over 17 years
  • 17 picture books have been published so far, a new one is added every year, translated into more than 22 languages
  • Media presence in the bi-monthly Blue Ocean Entertainment magazine
  • Target group: all pirate fans aged 2-6 years

The Grüffelo

Der Grüffelo is a modern children's book classic that has become an indispensable part of German nurseries and kindergartens. The story of the brave little mouse shows children that courage has nothing to do with size but with cleverness.

  • A consistently positive theme that encourages children's imagination and creativity.
  • High-quality, multi-layered, long-lasting and sustainable 
  • Worldwide children's book bestseller with over 28 million copies sold, in 101 languages
  • The film can be seen in over 180 countries worldwide and is broadcast annually at Christmas on ZDF, BBC and other TV channels
  • Year-round presence on many platforms: Film, Youtube, social media, audio, print, digital, theatre performances
  • 25th anniversary in 2024


The series is a supernatural mystery story following Wednesday Addams' time at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday tries to master her supernatural abilities, thwart a monstrous murder spree terrorizing the town, and unravel the supernatural mystery her parents were entangled in 25 years ago. Armed with wit and a jaded sarcasm, Wednesday Addams seeks to solve a series of murders. However, at Nevermore Academy, she not only finds friends but also enemies.

  • Wednesday is the number one most-watched series in Netflix history.
  • Since its debut, Wednesday has been streamed for over 1.7 billion hours.
  • Following its launch, Wednesday became the number one series in 93 countries.
  • In Germany, this series hit the Netflix Top 10 for 13 weeks, and globally for 15 weeks. 
  • The second season of the MGM and Netflix series has been officially confirmed with a video announcement. 
  • Wednesday has become a TikTok phenomenon with 50.6 billion views for #Wednesday.